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Shredded Men

Aesthetics of Athletics


Precious Art Project

Shredded Men is a bodybuilding, fitness and art project.

Shredded Men’s mission is to highlight the aesthetics of individual hard-training athletes through images, videos and snapshots, and to track their training successes step by step.

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Philosophy Galleries
Philosophy Galleries
Philosophy Galleries

New Athlete

Shredded Men introduces you its newest athlete. Take a look at his profile and his gallery containing his aesthetic pictures and see his achieved training successes.



The Athletes

These are the athletes of Shredded Men. Look at their individual aesthetic images and profiles and learn more about each athlete.

The individual athlete’s gallery show starts when you click on the star and
if you want to look at its profile, then please just click on the picture.

All Athletes

Gallery of AmeenooAmeenoo

Gallery of  AlbieAlbie

Gallery of  MarcoMarco

Gallery of  AttilaAttila


In this section, you can filter the athletes by specific body parts, showing you only pictures of athletes who interest you. You always have access to this filter above a page below the title screen.


Eyecatcher | Sixpacks
Eyecatcher | Chests
Eyecatcher | Faces
Eyecatcher | Bodies
Eyecatcher | Tattoos
Eyecatcher | Arms
Eyecatcher | Backs
Eyecatcher | Legs
Eyecatcher | Beards

Philosophy Galleries

These images best visualize the philosophy, mission, and vision of Shredded Men. Pride is not just the feeling you feel when you achieve training success, but you realize that through discipline, perseverance, and ambition, you can achieve everything in life.

All images of the Philosophy Gallery
Philosophy Gallery Show

Philosophy Galleries
Philosophy Galleries
Philosophy Galleries


You need new tracks that will motivate you musically during your next workout and that pushes you to the limit? You like to listen to electronic music? Shredded Men recommends Aexraex. Visit this website and listen to the latest tracks from Aexraex.

Official website of Aexraex


You like this project and the idea of Shredded Men? Do you also want to belong to the Shredded Men?

If you also want to have an attractive profile here on Shredded Men and want to introduce yourself to a wide audience with your aesthetic images, then let us be a part oy your training successes and apply now for free.

Application and information about the process

Apply now and join the Shredded Men

Social Media

Do not miss anything! Stay up to date and be the first to know which athlete will be the next on Shredded Men with his aesthetic images. Please follow Shredded Men on the following channels:

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